People call me LKC

Our world revolves around stories. In our fast-paced society, it’s easy to lose sight of long-term narratives and simply move on to the next new thing, day after day, without a moment’s thought spent on contemplative reflection. As a storyteller, I believe that your story matters. One of the most important things in life is who you are and the story you tell as a couple. Stories, afterall, are one of the few things that live on when our lives here on Earth is over.

Your story not only anchors and defines you, but also enriches others and brings them together. When you invite your family and friends to your wedding, that’s the hyperstory of your lives – your worlds are colliding. The people who know you are an active part of this grand tapestry. Storytellers like me thrive in this world. Some storytellers tell stories best through writing and books, some like my wife love to illustrate and draw but my medium is the camera. This is exactly why I’m a photographer. I want to explore (with your permission of course!) through my love of photography with the camera as my tool, who you are and why you, as a bride and groom, have come together. I want to freeze time with raw imagery that celebrates the beauty and the story of your lives because it’s definitely a short life that we humans live.

So let’s have fun! Be wild. Be yourselves. Don’t be afraid to let loose! The moments you’ll want to remember years from now are the ones that show off every ounce of who you are. And those are precisely the moments that tell the richest stories that your friends, family, and future generations will remember you by for many decades to come.

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