im sure all of you have heard the news. ive never even been to japan. yet this has all been quite heart wrenching to see. but its no use just sitting in front of my computer and watching the news. you and me, lets help fellow humankind out and remember those who lost their lives and way of living in japan as we can lose it all in a second here too. ok the gameplan is simple. usually only big shot wedding photographers do this cuz they have the client base to get responses but a small timer like me can try to do what we can too. the low down if youve gotten married or are getting married, im giving away a $500 session package for 50% off to ONE couple. thats $250 cost to you! thats the you part. now the me part. i dont have alot of money but i will match 100% of that ($250) and cherry top it with my time and incurred expenses. this means 100% of the original $500 package worth will go towards worldvision in japans disaster relief and the furthering of the gospel there. if you want to put in more $ then that will all be donated too. [update]: i will now be donating through my friend’s company, the Liferay Foundation which will match donations. now what about everyone else right? you guys can take part in it too.  If mentioned, prospective brides/clients (weddings) booking in 2012, will take $50 off their booking and have $100 donated. no holds barred you get my standard 6hr session and ~300 full res photos edited (or more if you go crazy for me in front of the camera) and delivered/hosted online. this aint no reduced session, you get all that i offer normally. trash the dress session, engagement, wedding session, you call it. you planning on booking me for a wedding? well you can apply the $250 discount toward that also. so contact me, let me know and lets do this together. this offer will be open as long as worldvision keeps their donations open or when the situation in japan is stabilized.

japan earthquake tsunami

-session preferably redeemed in august 2011 and wedding/engagement related -entire cost of session must be paid in full at the time of booking (not including weddings, im talking about the 6hr session) -travel cost includes ~1.5hr drive radius of san francisco -redeemable only for prospective clients and/or new events/previous clients with completed events -for now, japan isnt accepting anything from NGOs. should i find a more direct way to donate i will reroute funds. two things are my goal in donating: 1. to help japan 2. to spread the gospel
  we must live life up but not live it carelessly. ill be honest and admit that ts not easy at times to say my security lies in heaven and the gospel of jesus but that is the goal. where’s your security lie? can it be washed away in a second? Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more. – Luke 12:48    

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